Volunteers Needed!

The Gault Site and other projects by the GSAR can always use volunteers. Volunteers help us in the lab, in the field, with site maintenance, survey work and many other opportunities. Volunteers working in the field must be members of the GSAR. Memberships are good for a year and must only be paid once. To find out more about current volunteer opportunities contact our Lab Manager Jennifer Gandy at volunteers@gaultschool.org.

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The Gault School of Archaeological Research is located in Austin, Texas. To arrange a visit please email director@gaultschool.org or call us at 512-232-4912


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Gault School of Archaeological Research

P.O. Box 81563

Austin, TX 78708


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The Gault Site is located off FM 2843 just outside the town of Florence, Texas. Remeber tours must be arranged before you visit the site. To arrange a visit please email cwernecke@gaultschool.org or call us at 512-245-8734