Dec 11, 2017   twilliams

It has been another successful year for the GSAR! This past year alone we have published 7 papers, given 26 talks, led 34 tours, tested 4 new sites and have completed a first draft of our book regarding the earliest occupants of the Gault Site.

Our annual membership drive is also underway, and we encourage you all to consider joining the GSAR are helping us to continue our research into the earliest human occupants of the New World!

We have numerous plans and projects in the pipeline for next year, not least of all completing our monograph! We are working on improving our site tours, continuing to expand our research, and developing our website and social media accounts! Unfortunately, progress relies on our staff who continually find themselves being pulled in numerous directions on any given day.

One of the areas we are looking to expand upon is in giving you all an idea of what it is like to study, or indeed, be an archaeologist. And one of our student volunteers kindly agreed to go first and so I will leave the last words of the year to them:

“My experience in the Gault lab has been amazing! When I come across an artifact I cannot quite identify or a technique that I do not understand, the staff I have met are kind and take the time to explain the process of identification to me and to walk me through each technique step by step. Within the two months I have volunteered in the lab, I have ha hands-on experience washing, counting, organizing, and learning to identify artifacts. I have also started inputting 3-dimensional data for recreating a digital profile, meaning I am rebuilding a column that was excavated and recorded in the field. I have been extracting these data from field notes, plots, and artifact inventory sheets and the digitizing these data to create a column though time (aka “a virtual witness column”). This is very important to the Gault lab as it helps in visualizing and subsequently interpreting the cultural deposits and archaeological processes.”


The Site in the Snow! Courtesy of New Hampshire Scrap 2010



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