Jun 25, 2018   twilliams

Every May we have a volunteer day out at the Gault Site. It’s a day dedicated to getting all the large maintenance jobs done that have languished over the year. We get a large group – this year it was 38 people – together for a ½ day at Gault. We quit at noon and eat tremendous amounts of BBQ and then we send everyone home. It is always a good time and the work goes quickly but I’m especially proud of our crew this year. We had five major tasks and they handled them all including filling a 40 cu yard dumpster and cutting up a downed pecan with a 48” + diameter trunk! This is a great way to way to get involved in the GSAR, get to know some of the other members and volunteers and see the Gault Site itself.


GSAR Volunteers at the Gault Site May 5, 2018

As of May 29th, the Gault Archaeological Site is now on the National Register for Historic Places. Dr. Tom Williams in our office spent a good deal of time shepherding this through the Texas Historical Commission and the National Park Service and we all owe him a big thank you. Gault already was a Texas Antiquities Landmark and these two honors will be front and center during our remodeling work out at the Gault Campus. We are working on a new trail, permanent signage, a new atlatl range, a small amphitheater for demonstrations and talks and even a new entrance sign. The work will get done as money and time permits but as these items get finished the tour experience at Gault will change dramatically. One of our next projects is a new parking lot in the front for visitors and a roadside exhibit including a historical marker for the site.

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