Nine-banded armadillo

(Dasypus novemcinctus) 10-APR-2010

Baby armadillos are fearless. This crew came right up to us on several occasions, walking on our shoes even. The one below struck a pose.

Feral pig

(Sus scrofa) 10-May-10

The juveniles can be cute, but mother is always close by. Invasive feral pigs tear up the surface, leaving it looking almost as if a roto-tiller had gone through.

Whitetail deer

(Odocoileus virginianus) 05-MAY-11

Visitors to the site from northern states often remark at the small size of Texas whitetails. This newborn entered the world at the chert quarry above the ravine. Perhaps it is one of the pair below, digitally captured a little later in the year (24-JUN-11).