Reptiles and Amphibians

Northern cricket frog

(Acris crepitans) 02-JUL-10

Members of the treefrog family (Hylidae) that have evolved back to a terrestrial niche, these tiny creatures inhabit the banks of Buttermilk Creek and the ponds. They create the dozens of tiny 'plops' heard in succession as you walk along the creek. This may be the Blanchard's variety (A. c. blanchardi).

Ground skink

(Scincella lateralis) 20-AUG-10

Not sure why this fella was crossing the field in broad daylight. We usually see them in leaf litter among the trees.

Southern leopard frog

(Rana sphenocephala) 03-SEP-10

Having wedged itself in a crack overnight, this rather large frog evaded capture with great leaps, one of which landed it in a nest of fire ants along the wall of the tent. I managed to brush them all off, but the frog may have taken a few stings. With a 'surrender' pose, it seems to say, "I've had enough!" Once let go in the creek, it resumed the healthy bounds.