All codes of archaeological professional conduct stress the ethical imperative to pass on knowledge to others. In particular we feel a strong calling to help children to understand what we do, why we do it, and what they can learn from archaeology. To this end we offer tours of the Gault site (tours can be structured to specific teaching needs), classroom speakers and free copies of our movie Gault: An Adventure in Time. If you would like to find out more about how we can help teach students about archaeology and our past please contact the Executive Director, Clark Wernecke, at:


GSAR also offer a free teachers guide. Made by teachers for teachers. This includes lesson plans and activities as well as a guide to our film; Gault: An Adventure in Time.

Gault: An Adventure in Time is a 21 minute film about the Gault site and research into the peopling of the Americas. This professionally produced film was made possible though a generous gift from the Texas Historical Foundation’s Joseph Ballard Archeological Endowment. The film is available to purchase from the GSAR store or FREE to teachers and schools. For a free copy contact the GSAR’s Eexecutive Director, Clark Wernecke, at:

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