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    “The Board of Directors of the Gault School Archaeological Research (GSAR) enacted a new policy that directly affects all field volunteers. Beginning September, 2010 all field volunteers who do not have current membership status with the GSAR will be asked to become members to remain eligible to participate on current excavations at the Gault Site. Memberships are especially recommended for lab volunteers including students. Membership is an excellent way to get involved with supporting our research and educational goals and remains effective for a one year period from the date you join.

    There are many reasons for this new policy. The heart of the matter is as we get closer to our objectives, new volunteer training opportunities at the Gault Site will continue to decrease. This means as time goes by, participation will be limited to only those volunteers who are current or are wanting to become Gault School members.

    Another reason for this new policy is that the GSAR is a non-profit, 501(C)3 charitable organization and we depend heavily on our members for support through unrestricted income. All funds from memberships goes directly into the Gault Project and is used to pay for things such as bringing in guest speakers, basic supplies, etc., but mostly your membership fees are used to help pay for key personnel. Funding for staff is extremely difficult to procure from grantors and your support through a membership not only fills these "gaps" but is vital to the success of the Gault Project and GSAR goals and objectives. We hope that all our friends will understand and support this new policy. Questions and comments are most welcome.

    Join online or download a Membership Form found on our Membership page or you can find one in the downloadable Gault Volunteer Information (pdf) found on our Volunteer Opportunities page. Also you can download and fill out an Excavation Waiver. These completed forms can be sent to GSAR P.O. Box 81563, Austin, Texas 78708, or you can even drop them off at our lab offices located on the Texas State University campus.

    And finally attention students of all ages!! It takes only $10 dollars to become a student member of the GSAR...but gaining real world archaeological experience at the Gault Site? That's Priceless!