Donor Policies

Privacy Policy

The Gault School takes your privacy seriously and treats all financial information about any transaction you have with the Gault School as highly confidential. In addition, Gault School does not share e-mail addresses or phone numbers of any of our donors or constituents. Occasionally, we are asked by other non-profits to share names and addresses for a one time use. You can opt out of sharing any of your personal information by notifying us via email at

Article 7 Non-Monetary Donations

7.01 The Gault School acknowledges the extent to which its resources have been and continue to be enriched through the generosity of donors. The Gault School continues to welcome those donations in kind which enhance its ability to meet its objectives. The Gault School will only accept materials which it considers to fall within its acceptability guidelines as below.

7.02 The Executive Director has the authority to accept non-monetary donations subject to Board approval while the final decision to accept or decline all gifts rests with the Board of Directors. Gifts are accepted on the understanding that on receipt they become the property of The Gault School. The Gault School retains the right to organize and locate gifts according to its own judgment.

7.03 Acceptance guidelines
The Gault School will, take account of

  • Any impact on and congruity with its existing holdings
  • The physical condition of materials offered and any consequent implications
  • The cost implications of housing, processing, and providing appropriate access to the gifted material

The Gault School will ethically dispose of gifted material which subsequently proves to be unwanted as it sees fit without the need to consult the donor. In the case of unannounced or anonymous donations The Gault School will assume the owners have made themselves aware of The Gault School's policy on gifts and will act accordingly.

7.04 Donor recognition
The Gault School will make this policy publicly accessible and provide potential donors with a copy if requested. The Gault School will provide donors with a brief, pro-forma receipt for gifts (not including valuations). Accession records will record the names of donors.